Birthday Portrait, 2015

Birthday Portrait, 2015

Angela Casagrande’s practice is rooted in memory, preserving the forgotten, and the paranormal. She explores the power and frailty of memory through the artifacts we leave behind in a space both physical and immaterial. It is an ongoing investigation of how our understanding and interactions with the world have been shaped by memory, in the form of ancestral history, folklore, dreams, culture, family, belief systems, and rituals. Casagrande conveys her audience into the liminal space: the place “betwixt and between,” an area where ghosts dwell, the afterlife of a memory.

She uses photographic based processes to investigate, narrate and document these memories and spaces associated with memory. She begins with a particular story in mind – a family story she heard, a myth that has meaning - gathering together imagery that weaves the story together, to recreate it the way she might remember it or wants to remember it. The images are a combination of photographs she has created, manipulated, collaged and collected. The resulting work is a reflection of the instability of memory when viewed years later.

Photography reveals something hidden in the subject but also preserves it, creating a tangible record of experiences and places before they vanish. Using manipulated photographs, assemblages, installation, collages, videos and occasional performance pieces, Casagrande is interested in creating an object or experience that preserves the spirit of these memories.

Angela's love of imagery stems from her memories of her grandfather's World War II photographs, her grandmother's National Geographic book of Egypt, and the encyclopedia set she would browse through daily.

Angela was born and raised in Humboldt County, California. She received her B.A. in Fine Art from Humboldt State University and her M.F.A from Maine College of Art. She is an award winning photographer whose work has been shown nationally and internationally.

She is a full time artist living and working in Sacramento.